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2022 EDITION includes 1,024 words, terms, phrases, and meanings encoded into 1,024 non-fungible tokens (NFTs).



Plunged into the Web3 project, we immediately faced an urgent need to expand our technical horizons constantly. If you aren’t a tech wiz, it’s easy to ‘trip over’ buzzwords repeatedly while immersing yourself in the content.

From airdrops to NFTs to smart contracts, the jargon that is part and parcel of Web3 can be hard to comprehend – even for seasoned veterans of the space. If you’re interested in Web3 and its many facets, read on to understand terms floating about the metaverse.

Our story

Experience taught me that when our curiosity is triggered, we are less likely to fall prey to confirmation bias (looking for information that supports our beliefs rather than for evidence suggesting we are wrong) and stereotyping people.

Curiosity has these positive effects because it leads us to generate alternatives. There is ample evidence to support that encouraging people to be curious generates workplace improvements.

As a result, I have teamed up with a colleague and a dear friend Tesha Teshanovich to bring together a research team that helped us structure the Web3 glossary. Initially, we struggled with the glossary concept as Web3 terms outside of the context are likely to miss the logical flow. After close consideration of alternatives, we agreed to structure the glossary around the Web3 stack.


Why Astro Armadillo Collection?

Astro Armadillo is a collection of algorithmically generated armadillo characters and minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation of 1,024 Astro Armadillos will be constructed from various metal outfits, tin faces, digital accessories, top pieces, faces, backpacks, arms, and colors.

The master art piece Astro Armadillo is pixelated background into 32x32 NFTs collection (1,024 collectibles representing the same number of Web3 terms). Astro Armadillo has different body types, some rarer than others, but always connected to a Web3 term.

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